ILLH documents its research and public outreach activities through ILLH Documents and Research Reports, which are self-published and available online.

The ILLH Working Paper Series is a collection of peer-reviewed publications aimed at putting forward key issues for wider discussion. Reviewers can be internal or external, and submissions undergo at least two reviews that recommend the paper for publication.

ILLH’s publications are fully available at the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s Ounongo Repository, where they can be found in its own dedicated section.

You can read our publications policy here, and the full Publication Guidelines here.

Authors: Olwage, E.
Year of Publication: 2022

Authors: Bloemertz, L.; Nghitevelekwa, R.; Prudat, B.; Weidmann, L.; Dobler, G.; Graefe, O.; Kuhn, N.J.
Year of Publication: 2021

Authors: Muller, A.
Year of Publication: 2018

Authors: Nghitevelekwa, R.
Year of Publication: 2018

Authors: Katjiua, M.
Year of Publication: 2018