Urban Technology & Collaboration in Informal Settlements: Enhancing Livelihoods and Empowering Communities

14-16 November 2023, at NUST

Informal settlements are today the places in which most people living in urban areas find themselves in the African continent. Differently from the way in which this happened in other geographies, like Latin American and Southeast Asia, this takes place at a time where digital tools are widespread and becoming increasingly available for the urban poor. The intersection of urban technology and interventions in informal settlements is therefore a crucial area of interest both for urban development actors.

Consultation workshops on the review of the National Housing Policy & Implementation Action Plan

NUST team co-organised consultation worshops with various stakeholders from different regions.

After the consultation of the National Housing Policy and the Development of the National Strategy for Informal Settlement Upgrading that was held 16-17 February 2022, three more consultations took place throughout the year. Two regional and one national events were organized for further review of the National Housing Policy and development of the Implementation Action Plan (IAP) for the policy.

Housing, poverty reduction and assets: the relative impact of community-led development in Namibia

The project aims at investigating the impact of community-led housing approaches in relation to other mechanisms of housing delivery in Namibia.

You can find the project description here.

Partneres in this project include:

Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD)

Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG)

Shackdwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN)

University of Manchester


Photograph: Martin Namupala