Namibian Journal of Social Justice: Inaugural issue on “land and housing”

This project is an ILMI Seed Grant 2020 Awardee.


This project will support the inaugural edition of the Namibian Journal of Social Justice around the theme of land and housing. The journal will combine high quality academic articles with photo essays, opinion pieces and grassroots accounts of relevant events.

Applicant:    Economic and Social Justice Trust

Investigators    Prof. Lucy Edwards-Jauch, University of Namibia; Dr Trywell Kalusopa, University of Namibia; Dr Ndeshi Namupala, University of Namibia; Dr Romie Nghitevelekwa, University of Namibia; Dr Ellison Tjirera, University of Namibia; Dr Job Amupanda, University of Namibia; Dr Guillermo Delgado, Namibia University of Science and Technology; Martin Namupala, Namibia University of Science and Technology; Rinaani Musutua, Economic and Social Justice Trust.

Project duration    Throughout 2020

Contact:      Prof Lucy Edwards-Jauch
General inquiries:     Ms Emorgen Jansen