ILMI Seed Grants 2020: Awardees

ILMI is happy to announce the list of awardees for this year's Seed Grants for research, outreach and education on issues of "land, livelihoods and housing". See original call HERE


Housing Development and Land Markets in Peri-Urban Areas and Implications for Future Planning: Case Studies in Northern Namibia.
The research is aiming for a conclusive policy brief on informal land markets in Namibia, plus a fact sheet that informs on the different land transactions, market participants, challenges, and opportunities for institutions involved in land governance.
Principal investigator: Dr Romie Nghitevelekwa, Sociology, University of Namibia. Co-Investigator: Ms Royal Mabakeng, Land Administration, Namibia University of Science and Technology

Situating Public Housing in Namibia’s Urban Agenda.
This research proposes an interdisciplinary inquiry into state led housing provision by analysing the inner city government apartments built during the colonial era as a point of entry into how the state can facilitate the provision of adequate housing and how cities can begin creating counter apartheid space making steps to ensure compact developments and addressing spatial injustices.
Principal Investigator: Martin Namupala, Spatial Students Association, Namibia University of Science and Technology. Co-investigators    Romeo Matyayi; Natache Sylvia Iilonga; Thandiwe Mbangula; Fenni Nghiitwikwa; Letitia Aihuki.

Incremental Adequate Housing – a Prototype for Urban Innovation in Windhoek.
This Project aims at building the first prototype of a prototype of an Incremental Adequate House.
Principal investigator: Sophia van Greunen, Lecturer, Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning, NUST. Co-Investigators    Phillip Lühl, Head of Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning, NUST; Oliver Quarmby, Director of Facilities, NUST.

Assessment of underutilized public land for infill housing opportunities in Windhoek.
A systematic assessment of underutilized public land in Windhoek is outstanding, this proposal seeks to fill that gap as a first step in developing a concrete policy proposal for the realization of urban-infill housing on currently under-utilized publicly-owned land in Windhoek.
Principal investigator: Phillip Lühl, architecture and urbanism, NUST. Co-investigators: Jennilee Kohima, urban and regional planning, NUST; Menare Royal Mabakeng, land administration, NUST; Anni Beukes, social anthropology, Mansueto Institute, University of Chicago; Cooper Nederhood, computer science, Mansueto Institute, University of Chicago; Dr. José Lobo, urban economics, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University.

Namibian Journal of Social Justice: Inaugural issue on “land and housing”.
This project will support the inaugural edition of the Namibian Journal of Social Justice around the theme of land and housing. The journal will combine high quality academic articles with photo essays, opinion pieces and grassroots accounts of relevant events.
The project is led by the Economic and Social Justice Trust. Investigators: Prof. Lucy Edwards-Jauch, University of Namibia; Dr Trywell Kalusopa, University of Namibia; Dr Ndeshi Namupala, University of Namibia; Dr Romie Nghitevelekwa, University of Namibia; Dr Ellison Tjirera, University of Namibia; Dr Job Amupanda, University of Namibia; Dr Guillermo Delgado, Namibia University of Science and Technology; Martin Namupala, Namibia University of Science and Technology; Rinaani Musutua, Economic and Social Justice Trust.

Changing landscapes, changing societies: Use of UAV Photogrammetry for the detection and monitoring of gully erosion and its derived impact in infrastructure, housing and livelihoods in Kunene Region, Namibia.
The project will study human adaptations and resilience to the gully dynamics and environmental effects, like changes in farming practices or micro-migrations, and the inventory of threatened houses and infrastructures.
Principal Investigator: Miguel Vallejo Orti, Namibia University of Science and Technology. Co-investigators: Kaleb Negussie, Namibia University of Science and Technology; Bernhard Hoefle, Heidelberg University; Olaf Bubenzer, Heidelberg University; Ndera Mutita, Namibia University of Science and Technology.


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